This website’s goal is to bring together iMac users whose screens are affected by one of those 3 problems :

  • Vertical lines display
  • Greyish Smudge
  • Yellow tint


We operate this website from France, the updates are made on the French site.
We do not update on the English part of the site, since we do not know the laws of countries other than France. Indeed Apple adapts to different laws of the countries in which it sells the imacs.
The advice we give on-screen dirty French, do not serve aillor probably in France.
The only 2 things you can do are:
1) Come register here to add your name to the long list (about 900)
2) Make dirty-screen.com/en known. We can do it ourselves because we are banned by forums such as philmug, or MacRumors. Do they want to protect Apple or are they funded by Apple? We do not understand their attitude.

You can also download 2 apps to test your screen.

Thank you all for your support.

The team of dirty-screen.com

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Vertical lines

Problem description: Vertical lines Most frequently affected machines: iMac Related articles: IMACLI

Yellow tint

Problem description: Yellow tint of the screen Most frequently affected machines: iMac Related artic

Greyish Smudge

Problem description: Development of dirty, dark spots and patches on the screen Most frequently affe


12 thoughts on “Home

  1. chris says:

    I have many yellow tints.

  2. bas says:

    Design flaw :( Grey Smudge I Am building courage to open the screen !

  3. Yaniv says:


    There is a solution anyone can apply themselves, but it involves some risk to the screen when applied:

    here’s the link:


    • fred says:

      Not easy !!!

      • Mr A Cotton says:

        I fully agree with you. I did find a website with large photo`s and a description how to do it.
        I wished i bookmarked it now. I am not technically minded,and i would not attempt this.
        Meaning it would be useful for these guys that can do things like this.
        I had another post removed from the Apple site because i tried to install 3 application`s and a message came up these are from a third party site and could have malware.
        This was a load of Bull. I said on the site that Apple is Monopolising everything so in time if you have an Apple computer you will have to buy everything from them. They could stop you putting, say your own music on,and that you could only get it from iTunes Store. The same has Application`s has i have proved they stopped me from putting Application`s which were only for an Apple computer. BIG BROTHER

  4. This is a Design Fault at Manufacture,an Apple will not admit this. I disagree with Yaniv you should not after do this,and he states that their is a risk to the the screen,and that means your Apple Warranty is up the spout ( It`s not worth the paper it`s printed on)
    I am 63 years old and i am not technically minded,and i would not attempt this. It`s Apple`s problem not ours.
    Good luck to you if you know what you are doing,and you can fix it.
    I have heard that Apple has got more money than the Government. This to me is ridiculous. I live in England and not one firm has more money than the Government. Why! because they stash their money in other countries so they will not get taxed.
    Why can`t Apple just admit that their is a fault.

  5. [...] can follow the thread on Apple here. I mean, the problem is so well-known someone even started a web-page up to document it. Basically there is a design flaw or the manufacturer of the LCD panel has a flaw [...]

  6. Gabriel says:

    i finished talking within apple care lady few minutes ago and i’m more upset than when problem on screen come out.
    This is my story… hoping is good to write here Macbook pro problem and not imac one.
    30 September 2010 i bought a shining new Macbook Pro 17 inch. I boosted memory and core (I7)and i paid 3000€ for my fifth mac (kind of addicted here).
    30 December 2011 my screen went crazy. I got two colored large bands flickering with in the middle a white one.
    Called immediately Apple and they answered me “sorry but your product is out of warranty you should go to an authorized repair service”.
    So, i went to a local repair service (I’m currently living in France) they asked me 89.70€ and screen has been repaired. I don’t know what they did (apparently nothing has been change at hardware level… on invoice only man works hours have been charged), i paid, and that’s all.
    Screen come back to life.
    6 months later problem come back once again, i did usual pram and smc reset, some random trick and finally i get rid of the problem.
    It was working fine until 10 days ago when problem come back once again. I redid everything , pram and smc reset, AHT and ASD test, reinstall from time machine, wipe out everything and reinstall from cd… no way.
    Then i went to “genius” bar, the guy there was sympathetic but it couldn’t do anything except diagnose monitor broken and quote me 660€ to change it.
    I said no and explain him that wasn’t acceptable that a computer sitting in my desk, working only couple of hour per day, with no shock, has a problem on screen like this after 15months.
    Obviously is not his decision and he cannot do anything except say sorry and he gave me Apple Care number suggesting me to call them and see with customer care.
    This morning i called them, i talk first with two tech guys and they repeat me the same thing “we cannot do anything” and finally i got in contact with customer care.
    Lady said that if problem occurred couple of months after warranty expired maybe they could do something but since it is expired in September 2011 is too late for an extension.
    I tried to explain her that actually problem come out in December 2011 and problem is clearly a defect on screen but she argued that they don’t have nothing on their system about a previous repair (and this is not true… even if they don’t have nothing on their system… mac went already for the same problem in “surgery”… but since no pieces have been ordered and changed nothing is on their system) and without repair history no extension possible.
    She close the discussion saying that i can try to open a dossier stating that screen had the defect since it was delivered (problem hidden) and use European law concerning 2 years warranty.
    So, to conclude this boring story, i got a 3000€ piece of aluminum body that when i bought was the state of the art concerning laptop , useless until i gave apple other 660€ (plus the 90€ already paid) hoping that problem doesn’t come out once again due to other hidden issues (guys from genius bar didn’t run diagnostic as usually do to check if there are problem, for instance, on logic board).
    Probably i will go for an external monitor (not apple!) until mac die completely and my close 20 years love story with Apple will die with him.

  7. Adrian Ocneanu says:

    I have three Apple 30 in screens, bought about 2-3 years apart (at $1800 each)

    They all developed smoky gray background streaks. Regularly, after about 2 years.

    The streaks are likely caused by HEAT in the back LED light of the screens, since one at least shows some trace of some letters from the screen (which, being darker in the display LCD, could have warmed more.)

    It is well known that overheated LED’s get dim.

    The oldest screen, at the end of the 3 year apple care period, was replaced by Apple about 7 times in a row (I had a mountain of giant boxes) with only a minor improvement. Now, 2 years later, (6 years of use) it got quite bad.

    It’s not so bad when programming or doing math or reading text, but can make a movie worse.
    I love the space of the 3 screens, and don’t wish I bought others.

    By the way, my 4th screen is a (horizontal) Wacom 24in Cintiq tablet. Recognizing the problem above, they put a fan (whereas my previous 22 in tablet was quiet but could almost burn my arm.)

    The second screen was replaced twice and I just gave up: it came as bad as before.

    The third one is still under Applecare, it has a small problem, but I don’t plan to do anything, since they would likely replace it with another bad one.

    All together, it is a production problem, likely with the background lights.

    The biggest problem of LED’s is overheating, which pushes them toward their end, which is dimming.

    Apple did not provide sufficient cooling in the design, or sufficient heat resistance in the background LED’s.

  8. Adrian Ocneanu says:

    The LED lines could be caused by oxidized contacts (I had this problem on older mac laptops)

    One thing to try is find the connectors, e.g. of the screen with the main board,

    and physically move the plug a bit in and out to clean the contacts.

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